The Sadness of the S-Election?

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–guest post by Tom Tillery, Vice President and co-founder of Paraklete® Financial, Inc. Tom, I have often heard you say, regarding the S-election for a corporation, that “S stands for sad.” I have a client considering an S-election. What would be some of the financial planning downsides from choosing this option? This is a great… Read more »

MJ Patel Law Group Represents ComAv in Pratt & Whitney Acquisition

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The MJ Patel Law Group proudly represented ComAv, LLC in its recent acquisition of Pacific Aviation Group (PAG) and Southern California Aviation (SCA) from a division of Pratt & Whitney. PAG provides technical evaluation, trading and lease management services for airliners, operators and owners of commercial aviation assets. Southern California Aviation is the world’s largest… Read more »