Patel Burkhalter Expands Corporate Practice

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   Patel Burkhalter Law Group would like to welcome Susan Craighead to the corporate team! Susan has fifteen years of experience in all phases of corporate and business law, representing privately owned companies, individual owners and management level personnel. She represents both domestic and foreign-owned inbound companies in all stages of their lifecycle. Susan’s experience includes… Read more »

Patel Burkhalter Expands Litigation Practice

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Patel Burkhalter Law Group is excited to announce an expansion of our litigation practice with the addition of Melissa Ewing! Melissa specializes in Business Litigation and has expertise in handling litigation issues, including breach of contract, negligence, the Uniform Commercial Code, breach of warranty, professional negligence, real estate, personal injury, employment law, and recovery of… Read more »

The Sadness of the S-Election?

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–guest post by Tom Tillery, Vice President and co-founder of Paraklete® Financial, Inc. Tom, I have often heard you say, regarding the S-election for a corporation, that “S stands for sad.” I have a client considering an S-election. What would be some of the financial planning downsides from choosing this option? This is a great… Read more »

MJ Patel Law Group Represents ComAv in Pratt & Whitney Acquisition

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The MJ Patel Law Group proudly represented ComAv, LLC in its recent acquisition of Pacific Aviation Group (PAG) and Southern California Aviation (SCA) from a division of Pratt & Whitney. PAG provides technical evaluation, trading and lease management services for airliners, operators and owners of commercial aviation assets. Southern California Aviation is the world’s largest… Read more »

Intrastate Equity Crowdfunding under the Invest Georgia Exemption (IGE)

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The crowdfunding provisions of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act are intended to ease the restrictions that limit entrepreneurs’ ability to finance their businesses by raising small amounts of money from everyday investors online. However, securities cannot be offered for sale to the general public under this exemption from registration until the SEC completes… Read more »