MJ Patel Law Group Proudly Represents American CyberSystems Inc. in Recent Acquisition

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The MJ Patel Law Group proudly represented American CyberSystems, Inc. in its recent acquisition of primarily all of the assets of Comforce.  The MJ Patel Law Group, a boutique law firm specializing in the intricacies of middle-market privately-held businesses, deployed its team of private business specialists to assist American CyberSystems with this fast-paced acquisition. The… Read more »

Walking Against Breast Cancer

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Last weekend, Blair Andrews participated in the 10th annual Atlanta 2-Day Walk Against Breast Cancer.  She walked a 20-mile route on Saturday that started in downtown Atlanta, continued through Decatur, Georgia and then circled back again.  Blair was the top fundraiser on her 30-person team, Breasta Fiesta, raising over $3,400. Altogether, the members of Team… Read more »

Holy Moly! One whole year!

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Dear friends and clients, Thank you. We have just passed the one year mark for our firm, and the honor of that milestone goes to you, our fabulous friends, clients and dedicated professionals. Without you, we would not be here. We remind ourselves of this every day and are thankful for you every day. Over… Read more »

Tax Credits for Small Business Owners

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Below is a list of current tax credits for which you may qualify, pulled from the Georgia Department of Revenue’s more detailed list. This is just a quick summary of credits and does not include all the pertinent details on qualifications. To get further details, visit the Georgia Department of Revenue for specifics. Should you need help evaluating whether your company would qualify for any of these credits now, or figuring out how to make adjustments in order to earn them, give us a call; we’d love to help you.

Navigating the Path to Success in the Construction Industry

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What are the differences between a successful and unsuccessful construction company in today’s market? We have clients who are booming, others that are hanging on and some who are only months away from closing their doors. Why do some companies succeed and thrive while others falter, struggle and ultimately fail? We represent hundreds of privately… Read more »