General Corporate Counsel

Sometimes a company could use the advice and representation of an attorney on a regular basis – not just for a specific situation. We find that our clients often call us when none of their other advisors are able to provide a definitive answer to a unique problem. Our team of experienced advisors keeps two main goals in mind as we listen to our clients’ issues: (1) Risk Mitigation and (2) Value Creation. We provide superior legal representation and serve as outside in-house counsel for a variety of businesses. We will work to ensure that your legal matters are addressed quickly and thoroughly and that your day-to-day business affairs remained uninterrupted.

  • Contracts & negotiation
  • Board of directors advice
  • Creation of action plans & strategies
  • Litigation & dispute resolution
  • Mediation & negotiation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Commercial litigation
  • Insurance defense & coverage litigation
  • Director & officer liability coverage disputes